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Our Services

Below is a list of service plans & other services we provide price guide.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Bronze Service Pack (6-12 Pe)

    Every month
    10% Discount on all breakdown call outs.
    • Electrical & Mechanical Check on the system
    • Onsite Water Test (Ph Level, Ammonium Levels & SS Test)
    • Air Filter change (If aeration treatment plant)
    • 10% Discount on all call-outs.
    • Desludge Price £150 up-to 2000 Gallons.
  • Silver Service Pack (6-12 Pe)

    Every month
    1 Free call out charge
    • Filter Change
    • Diaphragm Change
    • Electrical & Mechanical check of system
    • Onsite water test (Ph Level, Ammonium Test & SS Test)
    • Belt / Bearing change if needed (Klargester System Only)
    • 1 Free breakdown call out
    • Desludge Price £150.00 up-to 2000 gallons
  • Gold Service Pack (6-12Pe)

    Every month
    Free callouts
    • Annual warranty on the following items (All parts covered)
    • Blowers / Pumps / Motor & Gearboxes
    • Filter change
    • Diaphragm Change
    • Bearings / Belts & Chains
    • Free callout charge for all breakdowns / emergencies
    • We will be at your address within 24 hours of a call out

All treatment plants must have an initial inspection, this will be at a charge of £150.00. 
This does not apply if we have serviced your treatment plant in the last year. 

Home buyers survey

What is a home buyers Sewage Survey?

A home buyer sewage survey is a type of inspection that is carried out on a property before it is purchased. It is an in-depth look at the drainage system of the property, including the septic tank, cesspit, or sewage treatment plant, to ensure that everything is in good working order ahead of purchase. The survey is highly recommended if the property relies on off-mains drainage as a wastewater treatment system. It can help flag potential issues with pipework, drainage, infestations, or your property’s structure. The survey will cover details that you won’t find in a standard RICS Homebuyer Report. It will highlight whether the tank is structurally sound, highlight any urgent and non-urgent repairs and more, giving you complete peace of mind that there aren’t any nasty surprises around the corner. If there are any problems or faults uncovered with the drainage system, these can be addressed as part of the sale instead of afterwards.

Cost - £500 + VAT

Full inspection on your treatment plant, Septic tank or cesspit.

Full inspection of the drainage system aswell as running drain dye through the system.

Full camera survey with report of drainage system.

If you require a home buyers survey, please leave your details below and we will get in touch. 

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