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Our Work

This is our project's page, some of our more recent project's are uploaded to this page. This is to help customers see what is involved in the works. We also have links to the suppliers for the tanks so you can see how they operate and treat sewage.


Tricel Nova Treatment Plant Installation. 

Tank Offload.jpg

The team recently installed a Tricel NOVO 8 Pop near Marden. The existing sewage was going into an old septic tank that was not working and allowing ground water into the system. This was causing the tank and surrounding area to flood, not allowing the client to enjoy there garden as intended. 

We installed the tank, along with over 40 Meters of inlet pipework going around both sides of the house, aswell as 80 Meters of outlet pipe pumping the treated water into a ditch. 

Check out Tricel's website from the below link. 

Sewage Treatment Plants from Tricel. Strong & Durable


Graf Treatment Plant Installation 

In October 2023, we started work installing 2 Water Treatment plants and 2 rain water harverster tanks. 
Our first visit was to re-instate the outlet pipework from the house going back to the treatment plants that we installed. The plan will be to re-visit in early 2024 to install the 2 rain water harvester tanks. 
The 2 Graf water treatment plants are connected to a 100meter soakaway. 

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